About me

Going through the very clear ideas process while getting some photos taken in 2018

Going through the very clear ideas process while getting some photos taken in 2018


a bit about my story..

I am a creative entrepreneur with honed listening skills. In the last 20 years, I have been involved with so many projects some successful, some not successful, some that never got off the paper, some were stressful and went on for years, some were easy and got done quickly, some I was in charge of and some I just watched.

I am helping people to understand the work they are doing and supporting them during the process and am committed to helping them understand where they are at and what their ideas are when looked at from many different angles. It doesn't really matter to me what type of work, what matters to me is that I am going about my work knowing the we are all creative beings and that if our ideas are clear, then all us can see and feel reality, what we are committed to and what if anything is in the way of doing the work we want to.

In 2015, I was fortunate enough to have the chance to repurpose an Old Betting shop on very low rent in Brighton, England- what happened was a project space, which was what I called at the time "Ground zero for ideas” - a blank canvas for creative work- it amazed me how a run down building could be transformed by simple ideas and innovative people, who are not afraid to ask for help. Unfortunately after a year, the rent kicked in and the space became a restaurant as the neighbourhood became more popular.

During this time I met Charles Davies amongst other inspiring people and managed to spend some time seeing these processes develop. Since 2017, I have been focused on mastering Charles very clear ideas process which is now the base of my coaching work. I am committed to help him and the how to be clear team to question and master the processes, divulge the work and develop tools with the aim of getting more and more people clear.