Tiny rebellions is a creative outlet to work with ideas- being around the process of ideas creation, idea development, taking rough ideas to clear ideas, mapping ideas and projects, creating systems and maps for the ideas, works and projects that you are working on.

This manifests itself in two types of work.

  1. getting clear- working rough ideas into clear ideas

  2. Keeping clear- support to keep going with the work that manifests.

Here is how the sessions work.

1. We get an idea clear - I ask some questions, using the very clear ideas process.  

We write stuff down. I might ask you some more questions if I think they are needed- when the idea is clear, we know where to focus.

2. We see what, if anything, is in the way of getting on with the work we want to, we try and understand our stories and commitments. 

We use identity yoga for this- when we can overcome resistance,  and unleash more creative work  there is increased flexibility.

3. We work out why and how. We make maps. We identify the clear next steps. We say when things will get done and by whom. We do this using Initiative Mapping.

Wherever possible, I give you the tools, to do this yourself, so that you can do it on your own but I always offer some support as it is my own clear need to see things happen and become sustainable.

We start with a minimum of one full session and a follow up session, within an agreed period of time. That might be enough, but if not then you can book as much time as you want, the sessions can be face to face or they can be online.

I offer sessions for individuals, companies, groups, co-founders, artists, whoever is looking to get their work done.

Get in contact for a free 30 minute phonecall if anything on here is not clear, or you just wanna ask some questions.